Getting Started

Logging In:

No registration is required.

Choose a 3-12 character username and password, and that username will belong to you until your player dies!

If the username is already taken, you must know the original password to log in.


Arrow keys/WASD: Player velocity

Enter key: Start/Send message

Mouse coordinates: Player direction

Resource Object:Gather resource (may require tool)-
Construction Object:Open interfaceDestroy
Ground Item:Pick up-
Inventory Item:EquipDrop
Equipment Item:Bag: Open InventoryDequip

Player Levels:

Health: If your health reaches 0, you die.

Hunger: If you're starving, you lose health.

Thirst: If you're dehydrated, you lose health.

Fatigue: If you lack sleep, you lose health.

Weight: The more you carry, the slower you are.

Karma: If you do bad things, bad things can be done to you without consequence.

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