By playing Morterra, you acknowledge and agree with this Terms of Service in its entirety.


You must be 18+ years old to play, or have parental consent.


Contains violence and blood.


May contain mature language. We do not attempt to censor player chat.


Contains partial nudity.

We do not condone any solicitation of real world illegal activity, or any illegal activity in general.

We do not condone any offensive actions made by players.

ALL content is owned by Morterra, and we reserve the right to delete, block, or change any content for any or even no reason.

We reserve the right to change this Terms of Service at any point, and it is the responsibility of the player to stay updated.

Morterra and its affiliates are to not be held liable for any damages that may occur to you while playing Morterra.

We reserve the right to ban any player on suspicion of abusing game exploits, using modified software, or anything else that might give an unfair advantage.